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Glad's Story

Glad’s formal education includes an Honours B.A. in Sociology from York University, an M.A. in Sociology from the University of Toronto, specializing in Adult Education and Counselling. She is a Registered Therapist following her Post Degree training at Boston University. Her teaching career spans elementary, high school, college and university levels.
She is the author of ‘Divorce and Spiritual Growth’ a book which provided a healing presence in the Anglican Church’s struggle with divorced persons during the late seventies and eighties. Other publications include Blended Family Resource Guide, Inner City Education and the Role of Women in today’s world and An Effective Approach to Christian Parenting.
Her recent book, ‘First In Last Out’ is the story of the Royal Canadian Air Force and Women’s Division and Nursing Sisters in World War II and it has won accolades internationally as well as locally. It won the international IPPY award for History and Women’s Studies. The book presents a moving account of these remarkable women who call themselves the WDs.
Glad's community involvement is far reaching and includes Secretary of the West Muskoka Food Bank Board, Chair of Muskoka Chautauqua Board, Member of the Advisory Board of Trinity-All Saints Anglican Church in Bala. Member of the IDEA Advisory Group Committee. For 11 years she served as Secretary of the Bala Cranberry Festival and is presently a Board member of the Festival. Glad works with the Triple Ts (TTTs) youth group at Bala’s Trinity-St. Alban’s Anglican Church and her volunteer positions include Interpreter at Bala’s Anne of Green Gables Museum, she heads up the Guides for The Trek to Bethlehem, Glad’s acting ability is evidenced each December during this outdoor pageant which will be presented in 2024.
She is an international competitive swimmer and is training for the 2023 FINA World swim Championships, to be held in Fukuoka, Japan. She was also nominated for Lifetime Achievement at Muskoka’s Women of Distinction Awards.

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Glad Bryce has written with great respect and passion of the Canadian women who became the WDs of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Their story is an important part of our country’s history, and it is imperative that today’s young women and men know how and why their grandmothers and great grandmothers were pioneers in changing how women were perceived by society at large. The stories these women have told are fascinating and it is a wonderful and necessary book that Glad has so movingly written about.


Book Signing & Events

Glad Bryce may be the one! Her book First In Last Out: RCAF, Women’s Division & Nursing Sisters in WWII, tells of the place women played in the Air Force. Her presentation covers some of the more interesting and important aspects of this period of history.

Glad’s enthusiasm and commitment to getting the story told of these remarkable women shines through in her presentation.

Contact at the form below to book Glad Bryce for your next event. 
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